Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Neutral Bay

Sometimes the simple things are often the best.
Using natural products such as sandstone, gives gardens a great feel. 

Here, we've used selected secondhand curbstone blocks to create bench seating for a simple outdoor setting.

White diamond sawn sandstone paving helps define the entertaining area with Ophiopogon japonicus nana or dwarf variety mondo grass softening up the "block" effect.

Using galvanised steel, we've been able to create a curved garden edging. Galvanised steel is a relatively modern product increasingly utilised by landscape designers because of its versatility.

Using plants such as Ginger, Dwarf Magnolia, and Hawthorne, add colours which give this garden depth. Native grasses add to the palette.  A hedge of Syzygium paniculata Var. Leuhmanii helps to hide the large adjacent houses and creates a sense of secrecy.  All these plants are irrigated with a controlled drip system.  

The brief for this garden needed to accommodate a boisterous youngster, so a turf area to play on was essential.  This warm season Sir Walter Buffalo grass is doing well in the full sun.

By painting the fences with a matt black paint, all the foliage is highlighted, and when plants are flowering the dark colour of the fence helps the flowers to really stand out.

Hidden amongst the lower foliage are six high quality 20watt low-volt lights that illuminate this garden spectacularly at night. 

Lights are an essential item in all gardens.  

There's nothing more enjoyable than relaxing in the garden in the evenings in Sydney, especially in Spring and Summer.

A variety of different leaf arrangements add some intrigue, with all the plants jostling for position, but each coming into their own.

Typically Sydney. No garden is complete without a spray of Chinese star jasmine.

This Ginger plant, Alpinia caerulea, pops with vibrant colour.

We sourced low profile Lotus pots for the client to grow, strawberries, lettuce and a variety of herbs.   

At the entrance is a taller Lotus pot and Philodendron Var. Rojo Congo is thriving in the low-light conditions.

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