Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tree Day

Any day is a good day to plant a tree, especially on Tree Day. 

July 31st is National Tree Day and we went along to the local GreenWay to lend a hand and do our bit to up the oxygen in our neck of the woods.  

The GreenWay connects the Cooks River Cycleway from Earlwood to the Iron Cove Bay Run at Haberfield, and it links the inner west council areas of Canterbury, Marrickville, Ashfield and Leichhardt, following Hawthorne Canal and Rozelle freight rail corridor. 

The proposed extension of the Light Rail along this corridor means less traffic and more trees.  Our local Tree Day Site was located along the Hawthorne Canal in Haberfield. 

Trees, trowels, gloves, instructions, water and biscuits were supplied (Italian biscuits of course... this is the Leichhardt Municipality after all). 

Our team of eight volunteers spent a pleasant few hours planting trees, shrubs and ground-cover native to the area.

Ed the friendly neighbourhood Lab supervised the workers. 

It's a great family activity, to plant a tree on a sunny Sunday morning. Nothing like getting your hands dirty and watching things grow.

Tools down.... time for some of those Italian biscuits!

These volunteers are looking forward to doing some more digging with their friends in 2012. A growing number of schools and community groups are getting involved every year.

For more information about National Tree Day 
and how you can get involved go to:

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  1. Planting with little ones is so much fun ! What a great way to spend a day. Now following xx Ava

  2. Thanks Ava, great to have you on board!

    James Butchart