Monday, July 4, 2011

Point Piper

The first day of July was overcast, with a soft intermittent rain falling. Perfect light for photographing one of our established gardens in Point Piper.

These water gum, Tristaniopsis laurina are loving the view. At their base are sturdy native grasses, Lomandra var. 'Tanika', framing a stretch of Sir Walter Buffalo.  The fireplace, a mild steel design, could also be used as a shallow planter. Not a bad spot for an outdoor get-together.

Dracena marginata provides a sculptural screen. The planter is a hardwood trough with galvanised steel insert.

Banksia serrata, adds another sculptural element to the garden. These trees are great for attracting native birds. They are fast-growing and withstand the harsh Australian environment.

Raphis exelsa are thriving in their hardwood trough. These palms are slow-growing, great for indoor and low light situations.

Raphis prefer a shady position and grow in a variety of soils.

Raphiolepsis indica is a salt-tolerant shrub. A hardy all-rounder, great for underplanting or as a border shrub. This variety has a small white flower.

In summer, Frangipani add a burst of colour while Tristaniopsis laurina create a formal entranceway.  It's encouraging to see native varieties being used for formal hedging in place of more traditional hedging plants.

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